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The Internship Program is for current students or early-career professionals looking for an introduction to arts administration or production. This program provides direct interaction with and access to Commonwealth Artists Student Theatre.  

Internships are available in the following departments:


Administrative – Interns could assist the CAST management team with operations, personnel management, daily financial duties, fundraising (such as grant applications and proposals, executing special events, donor interactions, etc.), marketing & public relations (such as electronic media, execution of marketing strategies, preparing and submitting press materials, social networking, media and web site editing and maintenance, assisting with media inquiries and interviews, photo calls, grassroots marketing, etc.), patron services (such as assisting in phone sales and ticketing systems, scheduling and communicating with volunteers, interacting with patrons, etc.) and photography/media. This position offers a great opportunity to understand the administrative side of theater and not-for-profit management through participation in the day-to-day operations of theatre.


This could include Administration/General Management, Development/Fundraising/Special Events, Marketing & Public Relations, Patron Services, and/or Photography/Media


Artistic & Education - Interns could work directly with the Artistic Director or the Directors of productions. Responsibilities include daily administrative tasks, observing rehearsals, research and dramaturgical work, learn numerous teaching methodologies, etc. In addition to administrative and management-related duties, creative opportunities are available depending on the Intern’s experience and talents. 


This could include Artistic/Casting, Directing, Dramaturgy/Education


Production & Design - Based on area of expertise/strength/interest, interns work alongside CAST’s professional staff creating for all productions. Interns are heavily involved in the planning and coordinating of the technical element they are placed. Interns assist with management and communication within that department(s), as well as coordinate with designers and other departments.


This could include Costume Construction & Design, Lighting Tech & Design, Production Management, Props, Scenic Construction & Design, Scenic Painting & Design, Sound Tech & Design, Stage Management, Technical Direction




Please read this information carefully:

  • The 2024 Internships will run from May 13 - July 31, 2024. In special circumstances, these dates can be flexible depending on the needs of the candidate.

  • All internship applications require a completed application, resume, two references and one letter of recommendation.



Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Currently be a student or have equivalent professional experience

  • Be able to commit to a three-month program

  • Reside in, or be able to relocate to, Cincinnati over the summer

  • Have a strong desire to work in one of the departments offered for the internship and express this interest in the application

  • Carefully read through the instructions and submit a thoughtfully completed application




Pay: Summer interns can volunteer, apply for academic credit (and we are happy to accommodate academic credit requirements) or potentially be a stipend position.

Perks: Professional Development and networking opportunities, free tickets to CAST productions, and more


APPLications FOR THE 2024 SUMMER INTERNSHIp are now open! Find the application here!

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