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Welcome to the Audition/Crew Interview Page for CAST and our productions of Puffs and Newsies.


For all of the information on how to audition or interview for crew, scroll down or click here.

All applicants and auditionees are required to fill out paperwork prior to auditioning or interviewing. The forms are located below:

To sign-up for an audition slot for Puffs and/or Newsies, please click one of the dates below:

To sign-up for a crew interview slot for Puffs and/or Newsies, please click on the date below:

Audition Requirements:

For The Musical

  • 32-measure excerpt from a Broadway show that showcases your vocal talents

    • An accompanist, iPod/phone connection, and CD player will be provided. If your phone requires the use of a dongle, please provide your own. If you intend on using our accompanist, please provide a clearly marked score that is hole-punched​ and placed in a three-ring binder. A cappella singing is strongly discouraged.

  • A memorized  45 second to 1 minute monologue from a play.

  • Review and learn the dance from the video (video will be posted soon).

    • ***Please remember that the dance audition is not just a commentary on your dancing skills.​ We are not just assessing your dance ability. We are assessing your comprehension, your acting while dancing, and most of all, your willingness to have fun.

      • There will be a voluntary dance workshop  to brush up on the video for anyone interested 30 minutes prior to the first audition slot on both audition days.​

  • A synopsis can be found here.

  • A character breakdown can be found here.

  • If you are interested in auditioning for our DANCE ONLY roles, please fill out the audition forms, sign up for an audition time slot, and learn the dance audition. You will be asked to perform any acro or stunts during the audition time slot and then you will dance with everyone in your time slot. 

For The Play

If you are interested in auditioning for both the play and the musical, please prepare a song according to the directions above and then prepare a monologue according to the directions for the play. Also, be prepared to dance.

If you are auditioning for the musical, know that the first dance audition will be a musical theatre jazz style. The callback dance audition will include tap dance. If called back and able, please bring a pair of tap shoes with you. If none are available, wear character shoes or Oxford style shoes. 

Technical Interview Requirements:

For designer positions, if possible please bring photos or sketches from a design portfolio from any recent work. If you do not have any photos, sketches , or design portfolio, you are not disqualified from the opportunity or possibility of being a designer.  Also, please familiarize yourself with the material for the season so that you can best answer show specific questions or ideas.

For all other technical positions, please come prepared to answer questions about the shows, your previous work, and what you might like to learn or achieve throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate in CAST?

CAST is committed to casting incoming high school freshman through just graduated high school seniors. No roles are pre-cast. All production areas are open to students, including orchestra.

Can I be in both productions?

Individuals interested in participating in both productions this summer are eligible to act in only ONE production. That means that an individual may ACT in one production and  CREW in another. Individuals who are interested in serving in a technical capacity for both shows may crew for each show, but may only serve in a design leadership position for one.

Is there a fee to participate?

There is an activity fee of $65 to participate. Students participating in both shows will receive a discount  and owe only $100. The activity fee is due within the first two weeks of rehearsals. Individuals seeking financial assistance or scholarships should contact us directly.

When will rehearsals be?

Rehearsals are typically held in the late afternoon or evenings.  The specific rehearsal schedule for each show will not be determined until auditions are complete.  We typically respect the need for students who work over the summer by allotting daytime hours for jobs or summer classes. We also understand the scheduling conflicts that arise with summer vacations.  We do our best to honor and work with the students' declared conflicts. Only 2 unexcused absences are permitted. The first rehearsals for both shows will be in May at Highlands High School. 

If you have questions regarding the audition process or would like to receive email updates about auditions, please fill out the form below.