NEXTival Festival

Join us for the World Premiere of 3 shows!

It's been a long pandemic, but our student playwrights, directors and actors are ready to welcome you back to the theatre with a socially distanced hug and provide 3 shows full of laughs for you to leave your troubles at the door!

Mark Your Calendars!

MAY 20, 21, 22 at The Lincoln Grant Scholar House

Come join us for one show, or stay for all 3 shows!  Purchase a NEXTival Day Pass and you will be admitted to all 3 shows on a given night. Or purchase a ticket to the specific show you want to see. 

*All patrons will be seated to adhere to social distancing mandates and all patrons are to remain masked while inside the building. *

Written by Lily Canter, Henry Johnson, Seth Kuhl and Sophia Trefz

Mentored by Mike Sherman



Thursday, May 20: 6pm

Friday, May 21: 7:15pm

Saturday, May 22: 8:30pm

John and Anna are best friends, but John's always wanted them to be more than that.  At their ten-year high school reunion, John's crazy, mad scientist mentor (Doc) gives him the opportunity to go back in time and act on his romantic feelings...but will it change how Anna feels? Will John get more than he bargained for? Will time and space collapse in on itself? Who knows...maybe we're all just "gophers in the river." 

Written by Shelby Allred, Ben Crane, Connor Defevers, Sophia Veshapidze, and Olivia Wetzel

Mentored by Trey Tatum and Bridget Link


Thursday, May 20: 8:30pm

Friday, May 21: 6pm

Saturday, May 22: 7:15pm

It's the start of the Summer Season at Burly Woods Park and an incoming class of Park Rangers are excited about making new friends and exploring the great outdoors. Or maybe just running from their pasts and evading the supernatural curse that lies waiting deep in the woods. Oh wait, did I say curse? Ignore that last part. 


Because what happens in the woods, stays in the woods. Forever. And ever. 

Written by Whitley Clifton, Jack Giglia, Izzy Gilvin, Connor Paff and Raegan Ziegler

Mentored by Jason Burgess


Thursday, May 20: 7:15pm

Friday, May 21: 8:30pm

Saturday, May 22: 6pm

It’s a typical time in the Townes family’s lives. Siblings, Cara and Caleb, are the usual teenagers who do not like each other, and their parents, Beverly and Bob, do their best to try and keep peace in the house. But what if one friendly game of Among Us in the family changes the dynamic entirely? Could the forces of sibling rivalry turn to good or could it just create more problems? What could possibly go wrong?